Introduction into priority

Quality of Food

The EU legislation aims at ensuring food safety for consumers. Consumers sure are also interested in the quality level of foods. Certain aspects of food quality are also targeted by the European and national legislation. The significant extent, however, has the quality to ensure competition in the market. This truth is a complicated by one essential condition: the consumer must have the tools to enable them to distinguish among the quality levels of a product.

In this sense, the European consumer legislation meets - food labeling includes the amount of data that had to have this orientation aid. A large amount of data, however, consumers can sometimes seem confusing and disorganized, so that information can actually be counterproductive. Add to that, a number of voluntary information and labels that informative value can be mildly confusing, if not misleading ...

It is clear that the Czech Consumer Association can not leave the topic of food quality aside, it is really important to our PRIORITIES. The Czech Technology Platform for Foodstuffs allows us to engage in activities related thereto, at least partially, if not systematic.

Our printed RELATIONS in the promotion of the quality of food available on our tribal domain The contract provides information about the activities of the working group of food and consumer retail partner organization on the domain